Friday, June 12, 2009

Tribute to a Great Blog

I found a flower on top of a garbage can on the boardwalk, just outside the Hilton, and thought of My Saint John, one of my favourite blogs, where scenes normally overlooked are captured and described with a certain amount of wit. I'm not sure I'm doing the blog justice by doing my own bit, but I wanted to try...

As for the discarded flower above, I'm not sure how it found it's way to the garbage can, but the discarder obviously didn't want to put it right in with the smelly coffee cups and greasy fast food cartons. I have come up with a few ways this flower ended up here instead of a vase:
  1. It was given to someone by an admirer; but she didn't share the same sentiment. On the way home, it was quickly and carefully left behind
  2. It was bought by an admirer; but the admired didn't share the same sentiment. Embarassed, the romantic giver left it behind, but paid too much to just toss it into the can
  3. It was given to somone, who was so overcome with passion after receiving it, they immediately embraced, and completely forgot about the poor flower

Market Steel

Taken a couple of days ago, these pictures show the steel coming together at the Market Square expansion. Since then, the crane has disappeared. Meanwhile, the crane at Chateau Saint John has been in place for about a year.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Articulated Buses

An articulated bus, similar to the two Saint John Transit
purchased, makes a trial run through Saint John streets last year.
Last year, Saint John Transit began arrangements to purchase two new acordian-style buses for the successful Comex service between Saint John and KV, and Hampton. Due to the need to retrofit the slightly-used buses with seats, the buses have taken some time to make it to Saint John for regular service. In an e-mail received from Saint John Transit, I found the buses have been delayed until August, though initially they were due to begin service this month.

Busy Area

In the background, work continues on the Princess Street reconstruction, as workers in the foreground appear to be making repairs to a building on Prince William Street.

Monday, June 8, 2009

NBCC Hits the Jackpot

Today, representatives for the government, and the NBCC student body unveiled plans for two new buildings. A 90 000-square foot building will be built at the NBCC campus on Grandview Avenue, while a 40 000-square foot building is slated for the UNB campus which will house the various medical programs at the college.

Above, the larger building, known as the energy building will sit at the front of the NBCC campus. Below, the smaller building, known as the allied health centre will be constructed at UNB.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Colourful Parking Garage

The proposal for an 8-level parking garage (7 above ground) to compliment the Peel Plaza development was unveiled today during an info session at the arts centre. Neither the colourful building, nor the layout of Peel Plaza brought out any major complaints, though there were a few miscellaneous concerns brought up during the Q&A session.

One person sitting next to me seemed to echo my thoughts with regards to the ability to develop the building above the parking garage. With the current design, only two additional floors may be added, which is IMO not acceptable. Hopefully a developer will come by before the plan is finalized with the potential to develop this central location with something more significant atop the garage, whether a hotel, apartments, or commercial space.