Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Look for Bridge

As part of the renovations to get another forty years of service out of the Harbour Bridge, the supports are bring restored and either sealed or painted as seen in the pictures.

I was skeptical at first when I heard the supports were being painted, but after seeing them, I prefer it to the bare concrete. The bridge also received a colour change last year when it went from pale green to blue.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mile One Interchange

The construction of the new Mile One interchange is well underway, which is claimed to be the largest interchange project in New Brunswick to date. The new route will direct truck traffic from the highway to the industrial parks on the east side. Due for completion in 2012, it will eliminate much of the truck traffic navigating the lower cove loop and other areas of the city after exiting near the uptown.
The $7 billion project will include a long elevated portion over existing train tracks nearby and Rothesay Avenue. The NB Department of Transportation has a pdf file showing the scope of the project:

Last photo: Telegraph-Journal

Monday, November 24, 2008

$1.2 Million Offer

Irving Oil has offered $1.2 million for the Lantic Sugar site, and if approved tonight, will pave the way for a land swap with the port that would see the new Irving Oil headquarters built at Long Wharf. This development means keeping hundreds of jobs in the uptown area, and means bringing many more from offices strewn throughout the city.

Irving Oil has expressed interest in using a portion of the development as a second cruise ship terminal, and in restoring Fort Latour.

This development will likely be a large one, built on a large footprint. Perhaps building a taller building on a smaller footprint would increase the amount of land available for other purposes. Regardless, this project will be good for uptown business.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saint John Transit HQ

The new SJT headquarters and garage are beginning to take shape. As pictured, a portion of the steel for the extensive footprint gets put in place. The building is located across the street from Loch Lomond Place on McDonald Street, with an entrance off Loch Lomond Road.

The move to a new location on the east side will open up space at the current SJT site on the west side for retail development by BNG Plaza Corp.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Interesting Carvings

A trip past Simms corner brought me to the Irving built park at the old Centracare site. The park is full of these carved statues, though this is my favourite scene. Maybe the beaver should turn around before he gets bopped in the head.

Woodhollow Park

Phase 2 of Woodhollow Park is complete. This phase, consisting of thirty, two-bedroom townhouses, is much more attractive than the first, and is positioned facing the road on Ellerdale Street, in front of the other.

Ellerdale Investments, the developer of this project indicates on their web-site, a third phase will be in the works soon, having thirty-six, one-bedroom units.

The Abbey

Soon, construction will begin on The Abbey, a five storey apartment building to be built on the corner of Charlotte and Duke Streets. With two floors of underground parking, most of the above ground portion will be available for living space.

This development is one of many new buildings replacing the parking lots created as older stock were removed and never redeveloped. There are at least five recent or current residential projects in the South End area:
  • Leinster Court
  • Harbourfront Residences at Three Sisters
  • The Abbey
  • Tannery Court
  • Townhouses on Crown Street

New Sobeys Store

This new building on The Golden Mile, West Saint John will be home to a new Sobeys store and Mark's Work Warehouse. In the next few years, we will likely see a new Canadian Tire, Power Centre and more in this area. Rumour has it Empire Theatres is considering a new west side theatre, possibly at the site of the current Sobeys. According to the local paper, the current Sobeys on Catherwood Street will remain open.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lancaster Mall Renovation and Expansion

Lancaster Mall's renovation continues, as the front of Zellers is ripped apart as shown in the photo. The new Shopper's Drug Mart, now apart from the main mall has been open for a while now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Chateau Saint John"

Since construction began a few months ago, the "Chateau Saint John" is up to the second floor. The nine storey hotel is being constructed by Cyr Holdings, who also own Chateau Moncton.

A public announcement is yet to come, so there is no rendering of the finished product so far.